Our unique water therapies combine the healing power of touch with the restoring element of water.

Herbal exfoliating vichy


As you relax on our beautiful, nature inspired table, multiple shower jets drench your body with a warm stimulating spray of water. Your therapist will deliver an invigorating salt exfoliation, to smooth and replenish your skin, leaving the body feeling silky smoothed and refreshed.

> Body smoothing

> Invigorating

> Stimulating

Friday to Monday 45min $199 per person

Tuesday to Thursday 45min $189 per person

Detox thermal therapy


Awaken your senses with this invigorating, detoxifying body treatment. This unique water therapy treatment is performed in our hydrotherapy pod. Vichy Shower, Steam, Aromatherapy and a Wet table are all incorporated for you to experience a true hydrotherapy treatment.

> Exfoliation and wrap

> Detoxifying

> Steam and water therapy

Friday to Monday 60min $295 per person

Tuesday to Thursday 60min $275 per person