Botanical Rescue

Allow 2hrs – 2.25hrs

The perfect balance of natural mineral bathing and spa treatments are combined to soothe the body and calm the mind.  Commence your treatment with your very own Private Wellness natural mineral bathing experience, followed by a relaxing, tension relieving body massage. A replenishing facial and scalp massage completes this ultimate head to toe treatment.

  • Private Natural Mineral Bath – 30min

  • Hepburn Signature Massage – 60min

  • Replenishing Facial – 30min

Tuesday to Thursday $347                                                     Friday to Monday & Public Holidays $385

Steam Moroccan Ritual


A self-therapy Moroccan ritual experience in the warmth of your own private steam room. Using a natural traditional black cleansing soap made from crushed olives & olive oil to cleanse before exfoliating with a Kessa glove. Apply Rhassoul clay sourced from Morocco as a body mask, allowing the unique properties to draw out toxins and impurities. This long established steam treatment exfoliates, regenerates, rebalances and tones the skin due to the rich, natural minerals contained in the mud. To complete this ancient renewal experience, a body moisturiser is applied, with the effective results of key essential Moroccan oil blends and elixirs with prized Argan oil. Your skin will be left feeling regenerated and nourished.

Tuesday to Thursday 1person $115                                  Friday to Monday & Public Holidays 1person $125

Tuesday to Thursday 2people $189                                  Friday to Monday & Public Holidays 2people $205

Hepburn Signature Massage


The Hepburn Signature Massage is all about relaxation to calm and soothe the nervous system. Combining the best of all massage methods; Swedish, aromatherapy, relaxation, and passive stretching. You will feel yourself unwind with a series of long rhythmic massage techniques to restore balance and harmony. Hepburn Signature Massage offers light to medium pressure and is designed to stimulate circulation, a popular yet effective massage treatment. Our signature essential oil blends will enhance your massage to help relieve built up tension; restore vitality and well-being to your mind body and soul.

Tuesday to Thursday 90min $195                                           Friday to Monday 90min $225

Tuesday to Thursday 60min $139                                           Friday to Monday 60min $155

Enriched Signature Facial


This ultimate nourishing signature treatment will commence with our relaxing, tension relieving back, neck and shoulder massage. Let our therapist work on the areas you need it most. Followed by the beautiful aromas of our pure replenishing facial, where your therapist will deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin with the aromas of rose, neroli and orange, to help prepare the skin for a nourishing, relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage. To complete your facial a specialised masque, rich in essential oils and vitamins, is applied. This unique blend of ingredients will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, rehydrated, refreshed and nourished.

Tuesday to Thursday $235                                                     Friday to Monday & Public Holidays $255

Aromatic Signature Renewal Exfoliation


A customised re-mineralising body smoothing and nourishing treatment in one. This ritual combines a nourishing oil blend to be gently massaged into the skin to replenish lost vital vitamins & nutrients and deeply nourish the skin. Once the oils have absorbed into the skin, the body is then gently exfoliated with our signature grinded mineral salts. Resulting in a smooth revitalised and deeply moisturised skin.

Tuesday to Thursday $185                                                     Friday to Monday & Public Holidays $195

Eye Rescue

30 mins

Eye Rescue – 30mins

This intensive eye treatment treats the delicate areas that deserve special attention. This specialised treatment is designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Improve dark cricles, and puffiness, and improves clarity for a brighter, more luminescent eye area.

Tues - Thurs $60.00            Fri - Mon   $70