Our History

Established in 1895, Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa holds a rich history that dates back to the early days of Daylesford. The original bathhouse, now the Hepburn Pavilion cafe, stands as a testament to our heritage, showcasing the original taps that have witnessed the passage of time. Hepburn stands apart as the sole destination where you can indulge in the unique experience of bathing in mineral waters.

In 1864, the value of the mineral springs was acknowledged by the early residents of Daylesford, leading to the establishment of the first mineral springs reserve at Hepburn Springs. By the 1880s, the fame of Hepburn Springs mineral water spread across Australia, with bottling and transportation ensuring its wide reach. Throughout the years, Hepburn has served as a hub of rejuvenation, attracting visitors with promises of restoring youth, vitality, and relief from various ailments.

The Waters

The allure of Hepburn lies in its mineral waters, renowned for their exceptional qualities. The mineral waters of Hepburn Springs hold a cherished place in history, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman traditions. This age-old practice of “Taking the Waters” involves more than just drinking or bathing; it encompasses a complete spa experience. With origins dating back to the 14th century in the Belgian town of Spa, the concept of a health resort based on therapeutic waters has gained popularity worldwide.

Today, as people seek holistic well-being, the mineral springs of Hepburn offer a harmonious blend of fresh air, serene natural surroundings, and opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Balneotherapy, which combines the benefits of mineral water therapies, has witnessed a resurgence, aligning with the modern approach to health that emphasises balance and contentment.

The Benefits

At Hepburn, our mineral waters are enriched with a unique blend of essential minerals known for their potential benefits to the body. These waters contain a rich concentration of calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, chloride, sulphate, silica, carbon dioxide, and soluble salts. Calcium is essential for bone health and muscle function, while magnesium contributes to proper muscle relaxation. Bicarbonate helps to balance the pH in the bloodstream, while chloride and sulphate support various bodily processes. Silica promotes bone formation and is not commonly found in processed food. Carbon dioxide contributes to the invigorating nature of the waters, and soluble salts add to their overall composition.

These essential minerals found in our mineral waters have been associated with promoting relaxation, revitalisation, and overall well-being. Many individuals have reported experiencing a sense of calm and relief from muscle tension and joint discomfort after immersing themselves in our mineral waters. While the benefits may vary for each individual, our mineral waters offer a serene and nurturing experience that can contribute to a balanced and rejuvenated state.


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