Private Mineral Bathing

Bathe in natural mineral water

Relax and soak in the ultimate mineral wellness experience in our private mineral baths. Immerse yourself in the world-renowned benefits of ‘taking the waters’ for pure wellness and rejuvenation. With mineral-rich waters drawn directly from the source, your private bath will offer a therapeutic effect on the regeneration and repair of your overall health. Your experience is elevated with the added element of a custom blend of pure Celtic sea, Himalayan & Epsom mineral salts, offering a peak balneotherapy experience. 

This bathing experience can be enjoyed solo or with a companion at the same cost.

Magnesium Mineral Bath

Relax with the perfect balance of pure natural mineral water enhanced with magnesium. Designed to promote mineral absorption and relieve muscle aches and pains.

45 Minutes


Mineral Milk Bath

Relax with a Mineral Milk Bath. Combining the richness of our natural spring waters and essential milk protein rich in nourishing vitamins and amino acids to enhance this ancient healing renewal.

45 Minutes


Thermal Mineral Mud Bath

Our pure mineral waters, drawn straight from the source offer a true holistic bathing experience. Beautifully combined with our unique thermal mud therapies, this all inclusive private bath provides a wonderful feeling of tranquillity.

45 Minutes


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