Discover the heart of Hepburn Springs and the Spa Country as you unwind in your luxury villas. Choose from the Hepburn Spa Retreat or the newly developed Hepburn Springs Escape Villas.

Hepburn Springs Escape:

Hepburn Springs Escape Villas offer a contemporary and luxurious retreat characterised by modern design elements, including sophisticated black finishes, refined angles, and invitingly cosy furnishings.

Hepburn Spa Retreat

Hepburn Spa Retreat, the accommodations exude an inviting, warm, and cosy atmosphere, creating a retreat that promises a comfortable and light filled experience.

Wellness Villas

Situated within Hepburn Spa Retreat Villas, the Wellness Villas cater to those seeking an elevated experience, providing a range of wellness amenities designed to enhance overall wellbeing during your stay.

Hepburn Spa Retreat

With wellness in-mind, Hepburn Spa Retreat is designed to allow us to relax and reconnect. Warm natural light floods the space helping with our natural human circadian rhythm. The warm light relaxes us and helps us wind down for the stay.

Hepburn Springs Escape

Unwind in your individual, freestanding Villa with over 75 square metres of luxurious, modern living and entertaining space – ideal for long, relaxing stays. Modern fixtures and refined boutique styling combine to offer you the regions finest accommodation.

Wellness Villas

Relax, rejuvenate, and restore at the Wellness Villas of Hepburn Retreat. Designed with your wellbeing in mind, our luxury villas offer an escape from the outside world and a chance to focus on your own self-care journey.

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