Steam Therapies

Step into your own private steam room for a self-guided wellness journey. Each of our rituals comes with a duo of beautiful products for you to apply as you surrender to the deep relaxation of your own cleansing steam shower. Savour the experience solo or with a companion, enjoying the complete privacy of a spa therapy without the presence of a therapist.

Your private steam room is equipped with two beds and two shower heads for rinsing off product or cooling down mid-session. Beyond the welcome feeling of deep relaxation, steam therapy can help to reduce inflammation and stress, improve circulation, promote skin health, loosen stiff joints and lighten your mood.

Thermal Mud Ritual

Mud therapy is an ancient ritual for cleansing and detoxifying. Slather your body with our gently exfoliating mineral-rich thermal mud, rest in your own private steam room and feel tension and tightness melt away.

45 Minutes


Magnesium Steam Ritual

Enter your private steam room and experience the uplifting effect of magnesium salts, pure essential oils, Himalayan rock salt and cleansing steam in this private aromatic journey that helps to deeply relax the body, smooth your skin and dispel stress and anxiety.

45 Minutes


Indulge in a world of Relaxation and rejuvenation at the sanctuary


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